Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer
-William S. Burroughs

Is counseling right for me?

There are many reasons to seek counseling; the decision is a personal one. Some are searching for guidance through unexpected life transitions such as illness, loss or divorce. Others seek support with anxiety, stress or depression. Many come to counseling to pursue personal insight, growth and exploration. Whatever concern you may have, counseling can help give you new strategies, perceptions and tools for long term personal growth and self awareness.

How will counseling help me?

There are several benefits of counseling. Counselors can assist with problem solving or give a fresh perspective on a specific concern. Counseling can help you manage interpersonal struggles and personal growth, or help you cope through everyday challenges. Counselors can help improve your confidence, help to discover new strategies for communication and develop a new understanding of self. Counseling is a tremendous asset as you travel your personal journey toward healing and growth.

What is counseling like?

The counseling process is different for each individual and is tailored to meet your specific goals and needs. Counseling can be short term, with weekly sessions that focus on a specific concern or struggle, or longer term, focusing on ongoing growth or complex concerns. Sessions typically last 50 minutes. We will discuss your current struggles and concerns, assess coping skills and map out new paths to growth and healing. At times you may be asked to do additional work outside of the session that is designed to assist you in your healing. This may be reading or writing exercises, or you may be asked to track specific behaviors or thoughts. Counseling is most effective when you are an active participant in the process, which includes the time in between sessions. Most importantly, counseling is a safe, compassionate space for you to be listened to and heard, where your thoughts, feelings and experiences are honored and respected, and you can give voice to internal struggles in an empathic environment.